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If your relationship is in trouble, don't wait... And, don't give up!

When people run into difficulty in their relationships, many fear their problems are insurmountable. They long for the good old days, when they had fun together, when they felt close and got along. Some worry that they’ve chosen the wrong partner.  Others wonder if they’re just not cut out for what relationships demand. And, most are convinced that if their partner weren't so difficult, everything would be fine.

Most people also think relationships should be easier than they are. When faced with difficulties, they fear something must be "wrong".  I see struggle as an inevitable and necessary part of every relationship. None of us can grow a strong and healthy relationship without having to face and resolve difficult issues.  

If you're frustrated and discouraged, tired of going around in circles, chasing after solutions you never seem to reach, couples therapy can help.  While there are no quick fixes, nor one-size-fits-all solutions, I can help you make sense of your difficulties and offer you practical and effective tools for change. In therapy, the very issues you struggle with will help identify the first steps you need to take in order to grow.

If you want to have a better relationship, you can. Regardless of your past, or your parents, or the challenging partner you picked. With the right kind of work, and the right kind of effort, you can get to a place where your relationship is more sane and more fun, and the two of you can be close and caring.

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